HVAC in a small motel

When you live in a small town, word spreads pretty darn quick. Seeing as I run a hotel, I have very few town residents staying at my hotel. They are usually tourists passing through the area or just some people looking for a warm meal and a soft bed. I aim to please every single customer that walks through that front door. It was really hard to keep a large group of customers happy this summer when the HVAC equipment began to give me some serious problems. Although we live in a small town, there is a private university just a few miles away. We get all of their families to stay at the hotel for graduation weekend. I really need my hotel and its air conditioners to be in top shape by the time that particular weekend arrives. Well, the air conditioners in 11 of the rooms quit on me. Rather than trying to repair machines as old as that, I simply had many of them replaced instead of repaired. I didn’t have the time nor the patience to deal with fixing old heating and cooling equipment. I am glad I did that because I believe my guests enjoyed the new cooling equipment. I checked our website after that weekend and many of the guests left a very popular review of our little establishment. That made me feel awfully good. I just need to make sure that all of the HVAC units in the remaining rooms are ready to go by the time next year’s graduation is upon us.

HVAC unit