Clogged kitchen drains


My mom cooks quite a bit. She grew up with a mother that didn’t work and pretty much just cooked and cleaned all day. While my mom has a full-time job, she actually enjoys cooking when she gets home every night. I think she genuinely loves to try new recipes and to make a nice meal for our family. When she was preparing dinner the other night, I heard her struggling in the kitchen. I walked over to her and saw her struggling with the kitchen sink. At first, I thought there was something wrong with the faucet, but it turns out that she was having a hard time with the sink drain. We have one of those deep-basin sinks in the kitchen that allows my mother to wash large pots and pans with no problem at all. While that certainly is a nice feature, there always seems to be a lot of food particles going down the drain. We do not have a garbage disposal either. Because I didn’t want the kitchen plumbing to be backed up for too long, I decided to try and help her out. the last thing I wanted to see was a kitchen sink that wouldn’t drain when we went to clean up the dinner mess after our meal. So I rolled my sleeves up and stuck my hand down the drain. I pulled out a little build-up, but I had a good feeling that there was plenty more stuck in there. I then went upstairs and found an old wire coat hanger. I bent it a little and was able to stick it down the drain to unclog the sink.

pipe clog