Keeping a room a comfortable temperature


This past summer I went on a trip with some friends to attend an out of town wedding. It happened to fall on one of those cool and rainy weekends we sometimes get in the early summers in the north. When we finally arrived at the hotel the air outside was cold and damp from the wind and rain. After the long ride we couldn’t wait to get into our room and cozy up with a blanket. The moment we walked into the lobby we noticed their air conditioning system was on full blast. The air inside the hotel was almost colder than the cold air outside. We rushed to our room for hot showers and blankets. That room, of course, wasn’t any warmer. We searched for the thermostat and set it about 10 degrees warmer than it was. We curled up in the bed and waited for the furnace to bring us the warm air we were craving. By the end of the first day our room was heated to a comfortable temperature and we were happy. However, every time we would step out into the hallway our skin would tingle from the cold air blasting out of the HVAC vents throughout the rest of the hotel. I imagine, since it was June and relatively uncommon to be below 60 degrees outside at that time of year, that the hotel must have had their HVAC system preset to be cold during the summer months and warmer during the winter months. That unfortunately leaves nothing in between. Their HVAC system did not appear to be accommodating to the fact that even though it was technically summer, the temperatures outside were not temperatures that called for the hotel to be cooled down that much if even at all. Luckily the weather soon turned around and the cool hotel hallways ended up being a relief from the heat outside. 

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