Cooking and dealing with the heat

Every summer my wife and I take the kids out to her parents’ property on the lake. It is a magnificent old house that was originally built sometime in the mid 19th Century. There are two beautiful spare rooms so the kids get their own space and we get ours. The back deck overlooks the large yard and just down the hillside is the lake. It is pretty much the perfect setting for a nice summer retreat with the family. Of course, being as old as it is, the house never had air conditioning, which never bothered me much except on the one night that I do the cooking to treat my in-laws and give them a break. The kitchen desperately needs some kind of air cooling because it is the smallest room in the house and there is only one tiny window to offer ventilation. What makes the air quality even worse, is that it is in the back of the house, which is the side that the sun shines on for the entire early afternoon. This year when we arrived I was ecstatic to see new air ducts along the ceiling of the kitchen. Apparently about a month beforehand, they finally got in touch with a local HVAC business and had them come out and give an estimate. It ended up being more affordable than they expected and the new HVAC system they now have will even help them save money on heating bills in the winter. There is a good chance I might take over cooking duties more than once a week now, with the new air conditioned kitchen.

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