Getting electrical outlets on the back deck

My husband and I recently added a deck onto the back of our house.  We designed and built the deck ourselves.  It saved us the expense of a professional contractor, and we were able to do it just the way we wanted it.  While it took a great deal of time, we are very proud of the results.  My family uses the deck all spring, summer, and fall.  I have decorated the deck with comfortable chairs, and tables with umbrellas.  We only use the deck during the day, because there are no lights.  My husband and I are not electricians.  We did not wire electrical outlets on the back of the house.  With no electricity, there is no way to have lighting at night.  I have compensated by adding solar lighting.  Solar lighting, unfortunately, is not all that bright.  They also aren’t very durable.  It seems, every time I turn around, I need to replace my solar lights.  I think that the addition of a few electrical outlets would increase the usability of our deck.  We could then enjoy late dinners or relaxing with a glass of wine on the deck at night.  Electrical outlets would also give us more flexibility.  We could plug in space heaters, bug lights, or a sound system.  It would be very convenient.  I have an electrician who I’ve hired in the past.  He does a really great job, and he is inexpensive.  Unfortunately, he is also retired.  I have to beg him to take the job.  It then takes him forever to show up.