Enrolling in a maintenance plan eliminates procrastination

I know myself fairly well.  I have had fifty years to get acquainted with myself.  I can honestly say that I have some very fine qualities.  I try to be a good person.  I am honest and hardworking.  I make a mighty fine chocolate chip cookie.  I must admit, however, that when it comes to HVAC maintenance, I fall short.  Over the years, I’ve come to the realization that I cannot be trusted to schedule necessary service for my furnace or air conditioner.  I shamelessly neglect them.  I turn a deaf ear to screeching sounds.  I turn a blind eye to dust and condensate drips.  I rationalize the rising utility bills, and make empty promises for future maintenance appointments.  To overcome this personal weakness, I have enrolled in an HVAC service plan.  This takes the responsibility out of my careless hands and places it in the care of the professionals.  My local HVAC contractor calls me up in both the spring and fall to schedule a service appointment.  I make up excuses, and try very hard to get out of it.  The HVAC professional knows my tricks, and insists that I choose a convenient time for maintenance.  My only other job is to open the door when the service technician arrives.  He handles the cleaning, tightening, and tuning.  He keeps me informed of any problems or concerns.  I nod my head a lot, and act like I know what he’s talking about.  I then go back to baking my super delicious cookies, and enjoy optimum performance from my HVAC system.

HVAC service plan